Is there any countermeasure available? If the countermeasure is available, when will the countermeasure be taken?
Yes, Kyocera has developed a countermeasure against the Vulnerability of the Command Center by releasing Firmware updates for the effected machines (see the details within the XSS FAQ Bulletin).
Please contact your local dealer or Kyocera support to receive the latest Firmware for your device.

Recommended workaround when it is necessary to access other web sites in case your device still operates with a Firmware Version without including the XXS Vulnerability fix .

When accessing our products (via the command center) and other web sites at the same time, it is possible for this vulnerability to exist when running the older Firmware* versions on some of our devices.

In such case do not access other web sites when accessing our products via the command center before you have updated the firmware of the related Kyocera device.


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