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GNU Bash "Shellshock" Security Vulnerability

November 13, 2014; information Updated December 05, 2014,

A critical security vulnerability has been reported in the GNU Bash "Shellshock", which is a common command line used in many Linux/UNIX operating systems.

KYOCERA has investigated whether or not its products, software and services are affected. The results are as follows.


KYOCERA products use a special embedded version of the Linux Operating System. There is no access to the Bash prompt from the network, operation panel, USB, or any other interface, therefore, KYOCERA printers and MFPs are not susceptible to the “Shellshock” vulnerability.

Connectivity Options

"Bash" environment is not implemented in following KYOCERA optional products, and therefore unaffected.

FAX System (*)

IB-23/IB-50/IB-51 / IB-110

Software, Utilities

"Bash" environment is not implemented in any KYOCERA software/utilities and therefore unaffected.

EFI™ Fiery Printing System(s) - Updated December 05, 2014,

The Fiery Printing System, optional on select KYOCERA color MFPs, uses an embedded Linux Operating System. EFI, the manufacturer of Fiery Printing Systems, has identified a vulnerability that they regard as a low security risk. EFI has created a patch to address the Shellshock vulnerability (Patch FIT that was made available on December 1st 2014. More information, as well as the patch itself, for all Linux based Fiery printer servers is available through EFIs System Update and Web Update. It is strongly recommended by EFI that this patch be immediately implemented to all potentially affected Fiery Printing Systems. For more information please speak with your local authorized dealer/reseller.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability in KYOCERA Command Center on MFPs/Printers

-- Problem fixed by updated firmware - please download the Technical FAQ --

Dear Customers,

in 2014 the vulnerability was found in the KYOCERA Command Center* (hereinafter referred to as Command Center) installed in below MFPs and Printers. Therefore Kyocera has developed a countermeasure against the Vulnerability of the Command Center by releasing Firmware* updates for the effected machines

*Note: KYOCERA Command Center refers to the web home page that is installed in the MFP/Printer from which you can verify the operating status of the machine and make settings related to security, network printing, e-mail transmission and advanced networking.

A malicious attacker could cause arbitrary scripting code to be executed on the client-side web browser while the user is accessing the Command Center.   

To avoid such an effect, please do not access other web sites when accessing the Command Center as long the Firmware of the Kyocera device is equipped with older Firmware than discribed within the XSS FAQ Bulletin!

Affected products

- ECOSYS FS-3640MFP / 3540MFP
- ECOSYS FS-6030MFP / 6025MFP

Color MFPs
- ECOSYS FS- C2626MFP / C2526MFP
- ECOSYS FS- C2126MFP+ / C2026MFP+ / C2126MFP / C2026MFP
- ECOSYS FS- C8025MFP / C8020MFP
- TASKalfa 265ci

Color Printers
- ECOSYS FS-C5150DN / C5250DN

For more information click here (FAQ about the XSS vulnerability) or contact
- Your dealer
- Kyocera Documents Solutions Hotline

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