TASKalfa 4012i


Name Description
Fax System 12 Super G3 Fax, network fax
Internet Fax Kit Type A
Data Security Kit (E) AC In line with ISO 15408 (Common Criteria). Only 4in1 MFP-models carry official CC-Certification.
IB-35 Direct WiFi Interface
IB-50 Gigabit-Ethernet board 10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT
IB-51 Wireless LAN Interface (802.11b/g/n)
Scan extension Kit (A) AC Scan to searchable PDF (embedded OCR) or to MS Office (docx, xlsx, pptx)
USB IC Card Reader + Card Authentication Kit (B) Support for various authentication keys available
Keyboard Holder  
NK-7100 Numeric keypad make it easier to enter large amounts of numeric data.
UG-33 ThinPrint support
UG-34 Emulation (IBM Proprinter/EPSON LQ-850/Diablo 630)
PCL Barcode SD Adds additional one- and two-dimensional barcodes to the KYOCERA device (as well as the resident and machine-readable fonts OCR-A, OCR-B)
KYOmulticode SD 3 Contains all the functionalities of PCL Barcode Flash plus Unicode font “Andale Mono World Type“ which allows the user to print Asian fonts (Japanese, Korean, current and traditional Chinese)
Platen Cover Type E

Paper Handling Options

Name Type Dimension Paper Max. capacity
DP-7100 Document processor (reversing) (W x D x H) 593 x 535 x 146 mm 35 – 160 g/m² (simplex) , A6R – A3, Banner up to 1,900 mm 140 sheets
DP-7110 Document processor (one-path duplex scanning) (W x D x H) 600 x 539 x 189 mm 35–220 g/m² (simplex), 50–220 g/m² (duplex); A6R–A3, Banner up to 1,900 mm 270 sheets
DP-7120 Document processor (reversing) (W x D x H): 590 × 502 × 136 mm 45–160 g/m² (simplex), 50–120 g/m² (duplex), A5R–A3, Banner up to 1,900 mm 50 sheets
PF-791 Paper feeder (W x D x H): 590 x 589 x 332 mm 60–256 g/m², A5R-A3 2 x 500 sheets
PF-810 Paper feeder (W x D x H): 590 x 626.9 x 332 mm 60–256 g/m², A4, B5 2 x 1,500 sheets
DF-791 Document Finisher + AK-740 (W x D x H) 607.2 x 668.5 x 951.3 mm Main tray: max. 3,000 sheets A4; max. 60–256 g/m²; sub tray: max. 200 sheets; max. B5R–A3; Stapling up to 65 sheets A4 or 30 sheets A3 at 3 positions, B5–A3 3,000 sheets
DF-7120 Document Finisher + AK-7100 (W x D x H) 548 x 618.5 x 1050 mm Main tray: 1,000 sheets A4, 52 – 300 g/m², A6R – SRA3, 3 positions stapling up to 50 sheets A4 or 30 sheets SRA3 AK - 7100: 100 sheets; 52 – 300 g/m², A6R – SRA3 (Bridge unit AK-7100 is required for the use of DF-7120) 1,000 sheets
AK-740 Attachment Kit for Finisher   Bridge unit is required for the use of DF-791, DF-770(D), DF-7120  
MT-730 Mailbox sorter for DF-790   60–163 g/m² 7 bins x max. 100 sheets A4, 50 sheets A3/B4
SH-10 Staple cartridge   for DF-470, DF-770, BF-730, DF-5100, DF-5110, DF-5120, DF-7120 3 x 5 000
SH-12 Staple cartridge   for DF-770, DF-790, DF-791, DF-7110 3 x 5 000
DT-730 Document tray (to place originals or USB keyboard)      
CB-810 Wooden cabinet (W x D x H): 590 x 585 x 335 mm    
CB-811 Metal cabinet (W x D x H): 590 x 589 x 331 mm    


Name Description
TK-7225 Toner-Kit for 35,000 pages. Average continuous toner yield in accordance with 6% coverage A4

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