Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

(service only available in UK and Germany)

Running out of ink can be very frustrating. It can bring your seamless daily tasks to a grinding halt. Not being able to print THAT very document which is essential in physical form due to lack of toner is highly annoying.

KYOCERA smart printers and MFPs answer your concern in a highly efficient and intelligent manner. Partnering with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service, KYOCERA through their smart printers can accurately auto detect the low toner levels, place an automatic order through your Amazon account and get the replacement toner delivered right at your doorstep.

Just plug in your compatible KYOCERA device (check the dropdown list below for more information), register for the service, and sit back and relax.

STEP 1: Confirm the device

STEP 2: Set up the device

STEP 3: Activate the DRS service

  • Check the right devices from the compatible device list
  • Check whether the device is connected to internet
  • Download the set-up tool from the button from this page (if you are based in Germany) or this page (if you are based in the UK)
  • Register the device through the auto setup tool
  • Login to your Amazon account through the set up tool
  • Sit back and enjoy the benefits of this service!



Activate your Dash-enabled printer

Print documents and photos

When supplies are low, your printer will automatically order more ink or toner from Amazon

Your ink or toner is delivered right when you need it


Download Amazon DRS Set-up Tool

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