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Faxing remains the most reliable, secure way for many organisations to exchange documents. Today, fax servers are replacing fax machines and the most cost efficient, high performing, reliable fax server is OpenText RightFax.

SmartConnect RightFax offers bidirectional access and advanced functions like cover sheets, authentication, billing codes and personal address books. Plus all the benefits that come with connecting your KYOCERA multi-function printer (MFP) to RightFax.

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Business challenges

  • The cost of fax machines is very high – How do I guarantee cost-effective, reliable, secure faxing?

  • Manual faxing is inefficient and time-consuming – How do I manage faxing for my organisation?

  • My MFPs are not connected to RightFax – How do I integrate my MFPs with RightFax?

Advantages with SmartConnect RightFax

  • Integrated faxing: expensive, inefficient stand-alone fax machines and dedicated fax lines are eliminated.

  • Direct access: now your users can fax directly from the MFP and enjoy all the advanced functions of RightFax.

  • Enhanced security: integration meets the highest security requirements and compliance regulations, helping you to protect against security leaks.

Features & Specifications

With KYOCERA SmartConnect RightFax users can send faxes via the RightFax server directly from the MFP panel and take advantage of advanced RightFax features:

  • Billing codes
  • Address Books
  • Cover sheets

Secure integration covers encryption, authentication, audit trails, tamper-resistant delivery and electronic tracking. Your organisation is less likely to suffer a security leak and is better able to comply with corporate security policies and legal requirements.

OpenText RightFax

RightFax is the clear market leader in fax server solutions, with more than 100,000 installations worldwide. It is considered the provider with the highest technical expertise, innovation, performance and reliability. High scalability, security and system stability make RightFax the preferred fax solution for large enterprises and vertical industries that rely on faxing.

SmartConnect RightFax


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System Requirements

Supported RightFax Versions

RightFax Express 2.2.1 or later

RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 1 or later

Supported Devices

HyPAS enabled Colour MFPs

TASKalfa 7551ci / TASKalfa 7550ci / TASKalfa 6551ci / TASKalfa 6550ci / TASKalfa 5551ci / TASKalfa 5550ci / TASKalfa 4551ci / TASKalfa 4550ci / TASKalfa 3551ci / TASKalfa 3550ci / TASKalfa 3051ci / TASKalfa 3050ci / TASKalfa 2551ci / TASKalfa 2550ci

HyPAS enabled B&W MFPs

TASKalfa 8001i / TASKalfa 8000i / TASKalfa 6501i / TASKalfa 6500i / TASKalfa 5501i / TASKalfa 5500i / TASKalfa 4501i / TASKalfa 4500i / TASKalfa 3510i / TASKalfa 3501i / TASKalfa 3500i / TASKalfa 3010i         

HyPAS capable Colour MFPs

TASKalfa 266ci / TASKalfa 265ci / ECOSYS M6526cidn / ECOSYS M6026cidn  / ECOSYS M6035cidn / ECOSYS M6535cidn / FS-C8525MFP / FS-C8520MFP / FS-C2626MFP / FS-C2526MFP

HyPAS capable B&W MFPs

FS-6525MFP / FS-6530MFP / FS-3640MFP / FS-3540MFP / ECOSYS M3560idn / ECOSYS M3550idn / ECOSYS M3540idn / ECOSYS M3040idn

Note that HyPAS capable devices do not have an integrated hard disc and require an external memory card (CF or SD Card according to the device specifications) to execute HyPAS applications.

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