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The fact is, no matter how well-organised your office is, invoices and other important office documents often arrive on paper or in formats that are difficult to integrate into your workflow. 

Converting, indexing and filing the documents in the correct target applications takes up a lot of time and money. Automating this process effectively streamlines your office workflow, reducing operating costs and significantly increasing productivity.

NSi’s fast and efficient document capture software, AutoStore, releases your employees from many of the burdens of administration, leaving them free to do what they do best.


AutoStore increases efficiency in all departments, businesses and organisations that need to systematically deal with business documentation: 

In accounting department, AutoStore will streamline both the accounts receivable and accounts payable tasks. 

In legal department, AutoStore increases efficiency by automating workflows while ensuring legal compliance by creating secure, rules-based audit trails. 

In healthcare, AutoStore can significantly increase efficiency by creating single electronic files for patient information which are both secure and instantly accessible across departments and facilities.

These are just a few examples – there are many more!

Your Advantages with NSi AutoStore

  • Improved office productivity by limiting manual processes and the scope for human error
  • Simplified business processes through efficient document workflow automation
  • Reduced costs for manual storage, data entry, etc.
  • Strengthened compliance with legal and internal regulations thanks to secure, rules-based document processing
  • Accelerated administrative workflows through instant document distribution to all required recipients
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