Easily make your MFP the only fax device you need

Stand-alone fax machines are on their way out and single-function devices are becoming more and more expensive. But if faxing is still essential to your organisation, then FAX Hub from KYOCERA could be a great fit. It is a simple, straightforward and low-cost application which turns your multi-function devices into virtual fax servers.

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Business challenges

  • My business only has one fax device. How can I offer simple and cost-effective faxing across my organisation?

  • Faxing is essential for my business but fax line costs are very high. How can I reduce costs without losing my fax capability?

  • It takes a lot of IT to manage a fax server. How do I offer faxing throughout my business without eating up resources and budget?

Your advantages with FAX Hub

  • Easy access: Now everyone in your organisation can fax from the nearest MFP.

  • Fax for less: Only one fax system and one fax line are needed for company-wide faxing.

  • Save on IT: Without the need for a fax server, IT involvement is kept to a minimum.

Features & Specifications

When you install FAX Hub on a supported device with fax system, it becomes both the master device and a virtual fax server. Then you simply need to configure SmartFax (or SmartScan) on your other MFPs and connect them to the master device. A user sends a fax from a client MFP to the master MFP, which will then send it out to the recipient. Once sent, the master MFP will send confirmation back to the original client MFP.

  • From MFP to virtual fax server: No need to invest in creating a fax server infrastructure.
  • One fax system and fax line: Maximise faxing options and minimise your monthly fax costs.

  • Always know your fax has arrived: The fax journal displays the status of faxes (via SmartFax).

  • Easy to install, configure and manage: Simply enter the fax number and press ‘send’ so there’s no training needed for the user or administrator.

  • Maximise the ROI of your fax system: Install FAX Hub on one and you can fax from multiple devices.

  • Maintain maximum data security: All data is transmitted securely via HTTPS protocol.

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses

FAX Hub is the perfect solution for all small and medium-sized businesses. Not only is it simple to use and requires minimum administration, it also removes the need for multiple fax lines and machines, resulting in fewer costs all round.

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Supported Devices

FAX Hub requires a fax-capable A3 device with fax system.

FAX Hub Supported Devices:

TASKalfa 3051ci / 3551ci / 4551ci / 5551ci / 6501i / 8001i / 7551ci/7551ci/3501i/4501i/5501i / 2551ci / 3510i / 3010i

Important: FAX Hub only works in combination with SmartFax or SmartScan on client devices. Each client device needs a registered SmartFax or SmartScan license.

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