The HyPAS Developer Partner Programme

The HyPAS Developer Partner Programme provides developers comprehensive tools and support to develop HyPAS applications that extend the functionality of KYOCERA multifunction devices or connect to business applications.

It comprises of the following modules:

  • Access to the complete set of HyPAS Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • Initial Workshop / Training (2 days)
  • Technical Support by our competent HyPAS experts
  • Different business models for the distribution of HyPAS applications

Our HyPAS Developer Partner Programme is available both to KYOCERA dealers and Independent Software Vendors. To be able to match all individual requirements, we have set up two main developer categories, both of which are equally important in reaching KYOCERA's goal to support the development of HyPAS applications.


HyPAS Alliance Partner

Select developers can enter into a close and mutually profitable partnership with KYOCERA and become HyPAS Alliance Partner. In addition to delivering tools, SDKs and support, KYOCERA will market and distribute the applications – depending on the application locally, throughout EMEA or even globally.

Independent HyPAS Developer

The Independent HyPAS Developer will enjoy the same tools and the same level of support as the HyPAS Development Partner. However, the Independent HyPAS Developer has chosen to market and distribute their applications by themselves.

All HyPAS developers will be required to apply for membership in the HyPAS Development Partner Programme and have their developments approved by KYOCERA.


For more information about the HyPAS Developer Partner Programme, please contact your local KYOCERA office.

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