Ecosys Technology

KYOCERA’s objective is to manufacture superior products with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and to minimize their impact on the environment.

ECOSYS printers incorporate a patented long life drum which is separate from the toner container and so eliminate drum replacement when toner is depleted –  consequently reducing landfill waste.

ECOSYS printers provide a printing solution that incorporates long life consumables and one of the lowest costs per print. The operating costs of traditional cartridge-based printers can be significantly higher than the original purchase price during the life of the product.

By eliminating the need to continually replace cartridges, the use of ECOSYS printers helps reduce environmental waste – only KYOCERA printers provide this important environmental benefit.

Our long life technology and design dramatically reduces the use of consumable items, reduces CO2 emissions and reduces TEC values. ECOSYS also saves a considerable amount of energy, both during manufacture and operation.

Up to 85% saving of electricity can be achieved during the life time of an ECOSYS printer.
* TEC value is a criterion required to comply with the international Energy Star Program standard. It refers to electricity used in one week, assuming alteration of operation and sleep/off modes and two days sleep/off mode.

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