Green Technology

Product Responsibility

Total product life cycle responsibility

KYOCERA Document Solutions promotes product responsibility and obligation to protect health and the environment throughout the product life cycle, i.e. from raw materials through to production, logistics, recycling and packaging.

Packaging is an integral part of the product concept and has the same stringent environmental criteria as product development.

• Card volume used in packaging is reduced to a minimum
• Packaging is now completely polystyrene-free

We only use transport packaging made of cardboard or paper.

KYOCERA Document Solutions is a leader in improving packaging and was awarded the  "Good Packaging" prize by the The Japanese Institute of Packaging Materials who recognised the choice of design and materials in packaging components, and their environmental sustainability.

Our copiers, printers and multifunction devices are completely lead-free and comply with all EU regulations for electronic products.

All products comply with  eco-labels, such as  Blue Angel, and often exceed the criteria for these awards.

Using LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), the environmental impact of each product at the various stages of its life are systematically analysed, so improvements can be made year on year.

When using a printer it is usually necessary to replace a complex toner cartridge, containing the photoconductor drum and peripheral parts, every few thousand pages. Instead, KYOCERA has implemented a long-life design concept utilizing various ECOSYS technologies, including a-Si (amorphous silicon) drums, so that only the toner needs to be regularly replaced. As a result, as many as 300,000 pages can be printed with having to replace anything except toner, significantly reducing both waste and cost.

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